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Stand Together

Since its inception in 1993, more than $50 million has been donated towards first step breast cancer research.

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Allies FFANY, Dana-Farber Battle Cancer Old and New

Recording star, actress and fashion icon Zendaya lends her influence to spread word about QVC Presents “FFANY Shoes on Sale” while Dana-Farber Institute continues the good fight.

As seen in Footwear News – October 17, 2016

“C­uring cancer,” a powerful phrase of hope and conviction, requires accepting a thousand immense challenges not limited to identifying strains of the deadly disease, ways to battle its invasions and caring personally for the afflicted. At the Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, the ongoing challenges include an enemy that doesn’t discriminate in age.

“Breast cancer can a­ffect so many women, and there’s not a lot of awareness,” said Zendaya, the 2016 “FFANY Shoes on Sale” spokesperson. The singer, actress, dancer and fashion icon said, “Young people especially don’t know the signs, so ‘FFANY Shoes on Sale’ is definitely important to me since I have so many young women who are fans.”

“The continued goal for FFANY is to act as the aggregator of our industry’s good will and substantial monetary giving,” said Jim Issler, President & CEO, H.H. Brown Shoe Company and Chairman of the FFANY Board of Directors. “Without FFANY as a conduit, I doubt that we as individuals or companies would find another platform that could replace FFANY’s organizational acumen.  H.H. Brown, not unlike many other industry retail and wholesale leaders, has found true value participating in this valiant effort to eradicate breast cancer.”

The funding required to have sustained leading-edge work at the Smith Center has included almost $7 million over 20 years from FFANY donor members through QVC Presents “FFANY Shoes on Sale.”

“Being a part of QVC Presents ‘FFANY Shoes on Sale’ allows me to share my passion for shoes with my fans while also demonstrating how fun it can be to contribute to such a worthwhile cause,” said Zendaya, hose grandmother battled breast cancer.  FFANY funding significantly allows great latitude, says Dr. Eric Winer, the Smith center’s director of breast oncology.

“Year-in and year-out, FFANY funding allows us to maintain the infrastructure and collect data that is absolutely critical to our purpose,” Winer said. “Two, FFANY money allows us to advance major clinical research and hire the finest experts. And three, FFANY money allows us hire young investigators to gain a foothold with new ideas that prove valuable, ideas that gain funding from other sources. FFANY donors lead to other donors.”

“FFANY gives us unrestricted funds. FFANY has no agenda other than fighting cancer. FFANY gives us the money and says, ‘Use this to the best of your ability.’ That type of funding is rare, and it really makes a difference,” Winer said. “FFANY has really been huge for us. FFANY funds the tree, the trunk and all of its branches.”


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