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Since its inception in 1993, more than $50 million has been donated towards first step breast cancer research.

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Siteman Sights Set on Gamut of Research

Since 2005, the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center has received almost $4 million that resulted in work on breast cancer vaccines, other advances against the disease.

As seen in Footwear News – July 25, 2016

The fight to cure cancer as soon as possible requires organizations dedicated to passionately sharing funds and information to find solutions. That’s why the strong relationship between the Fashion Footwear Association of New York and the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis continues more than a decade of close collaboration.

FFANY has contributed almost $4 million in Siteman research funding since 2005. In the past 11 years, Siteman researchers have produced leading-edge high-tech goggles for surgeons to find notoriously difficult to-see cancer cells in the operating room.  Siteman also leads in genomics breast cancer research,which involves decoding patients’ DNA and identifying the differences between normal and cancerous cells, then designing vaccines for each patient’s particular immune system to destroy the malignant cells.

Siteman’s ongoing research includes18 separate initiatives fighting cancer on all fronts—all of them funded by FFANY,including aid for Siteman to complete data that would lead to further funding from health-care organizations, researching metastasis or the spread of cancer from one organ or body system to another, and examining carotenoids,pigments in fruit and vegetables related in fruit and vegetables related to the reduced risk of breast cancer.

“FFANY has rallied an entire industry around the fight against cancer,”said Diane Sullivan, president and CEO of St. Louis-based fashion footwear leader Caleres and a major FFANY donor. “There is no way to determine the number of lives that have been touched by their support, but I have no doubt it has been far-reaching and substantial.“I think we all want to reach a point that when someone is given a cancer diagnosis, they know there are avenues of hope and it doesn’t necessarily mean a life sentence. More and more people are encouraged they can overcome a cancer diagnosis and confident that Siteman will do everything they can to treat and cure them.”

“Support from FFANY and its partners allows Siteman Cancer Center to foster science that will have the greatest impact,” said Timothy J. Eberlein,MD, Siteman’s director. “We are extremely grateful for their generosity, which helps our researchers make groundbreaking discoveries that impact breast cancer patients around the world.”

Despite the worldwide reach of Siteman’s work, Sullivan reminds us that the fight against cancer has been personal. “We are so fortunate to have Siteman in our backyard,”Sullivan said. “The National Cancer Institute has awarded Siteman the highest possible rating in cancer research and programs. Only a handful of cancer centers in the country have achieved this rating. We have employees, and their family members, who are survivors. They were treated at Siteman, so the ‘FFANY Shoes on Sale’ event has always been very personal to us. We know that money is going to help people that we know. That is a powerful reminder we must continue the fight.”


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